Kalki's style of blending facts within PS
  • vaNakkam,

    Now I am happy that good discussion is going on. I am originally from
    Kumbakonam and I had been to pazhaiyaarai recently. I will upload the
    present state of pazhaiyarai(place of kunthavai) and nandhipura

    Coming to the topic, I was happy to read a nice blend of historical
    facts with the charecters. For example, we all know Rajaraja cholan's
    period was about 1000 years back. We also have rough time period for
    NadhamunigaL who compiled naalayira thivya prabandham. Amarar kalki
    conveys this message through Aazhvarkkadiyan, going to veera
    naarayanapuram (close to nadhamuni's birth place and now it is called
    kaattu(m) mannargudi) and getting a chance to see the great man

    Similarly, kalki has used the information about anbil kalvettu and
    portrays anbil anirutha brahma raayar.

    Feel free to comment and add more examples of such facts and story

  • Hai NarayaN,
    KattuMannargudi's earlier name as far as I know is "UTHAMASOZHAPURAM"....it is at this place u would find an Inscription about the trial on Aditha Karikalan's murder....Ravidasan,Soman Sambhavan aagiyorai Naadu Kadathiyaathaaga antha Kalvettu kooRugiRathu...Courtesy Balakumaran's Novel(Kunguma ThEr).

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