Ramayan before Kamban 77-3 Lost Rama Temple Pullalur, Ennayirum and Ukkal
  • This week again 3 lost Rama temples.

    1. Pullaur is  Pulvelur where Narsimha Pallava defeated Pulakesin II.

    This place has a Kamakshi kailasanatha temple - Stone base and Brick structure having inscriptions from Parantaga period.

    A Vishnu temple having inscriptions from the same period.

    1. ARE 1923 No 46 in Kailasanatha temple

    Parantaga Ry 34 AD 941

    Records gift of Gold by queen Cheyya bhuvana subdaramaniar for burning a perpetual lamp in the temple of Sri Raghava who was pleased to remain in the temple of Thiruvayodhi at Pulvelur in Eyir kottam.

    2. ARE 1923 no 52 from the vishnu temple

    Parthivendran - AD 956 Seems to give a gift of 6 kalanju for burning a lamp in the temple of Thiruvayodhi Perumal and Tandalattu Perumal.

    3. ARE 1923 no 48 Kamakshi temple

    In the period of Udayar Sri Rajendradeva ry 9 ( sri TVM feels that as Rajendra 2, AD 1061) gift of land as Bharatavritti for the exposition of Bharatam, Ramayanam and Puranas in the temple of Thiruvayoddhi.

    This place has a very old brick temple ( like Veppathur) of vishnu. The massive structure and that stands till even after much damage. Our dear Vj and REACH team have written about this last month.

    2. Ennayirum - Rajaraja Vinnagar:

    ARE 1917 - 341 - RJC RY 30 - AD 1042

    Records a gift of land by the Rajaraja Chathurvedi mangalam for the festival of Chithirai Sadayam for RRC and Mani Punarpusam for Raghavachakravarthin in the temple of Rajadhiraja vinnagar alwar.

     the Punarpusam in Chithirai is the birth star of Sri Rama.

    3. Ukkal near Koozhampandal.

    A Kampavarman period temple, Bhuvani manikka Vishnugriham - Only the base remains.

    ARE  1893 no 20, SII -III- no2

    RRC RY 13, AD 998

    Records a grant of land by a resident of Thiruvindalur on the northern banks of cauvery. ( The place where we got the recent copper plate)

    In this epigraph, It is mentioned that a field belonging to the shirine of Sri Raghavadevar formed a boundary of the granted land.

    All the 3 temples are not found now.


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