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     to join in the heritagetown group

    especillay thanjauvr district contains planty of temples, monuments, heritage
    culture,saints, scholars, music, dance and drama. To share the importants of
    these towns like thanjavur, kumbakonam,tiruvarur,thiruvaiyaru,mangargudi,
    nagaipattinam, mailaduthurai, chidambaram, sirkali,
    tharangambadi,karaikal,trichy  and so on.These are towns where traditional
    arts and trade still flourish to a large extent These towns are world famous
    for the existence of Hindu Temples, and has been a great tourist spot. The
    traditional arts like temple building, its structures, its enormous
    construction, brilliant statues, eye-catching wall paintings, etc show our
    olden talent in engineering, arts and science. They vouchsafe for the native's
    special talents, even 1000 years back. so, one can join in this group will get
    the information about  the traditional concepts of temples, festivals, music,
    art, architecutre,monuments,cultural, spiritual, soical evnts and so on 

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    if those who are not interest please ignore this email 


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