Vivekananda and Island of Crete
  • I was reading the Complete works of Swami Vivekananda and stumbled upon
    this...and found it interesting. As this is the first time I am hearing
    about Island of Crete.

    Complete works - Volume 5 -

    In Swamis own words


    "I had a curious dream on my return voyage from England. While our ship was
    passing through the Mediterranean Sea, in my sleep, a very old and venerable
    looking person, Rishi-like in appearance, stood before me and said, 'Do ye
    come and effect our restoration. I am one of that ancient order of
    Ther√Ęputtas (Theraputae) which had its origin in the teachings of the Indian
    Rishis. The truths and ideals preached by us have been given out by
    Christians as taught by Jesus; but for the matter of that, there was no such
    personality by the name of Jesus ever born. Various evidences testifying to
    this fact will be brought to light by excavating here.' 'By excavating which
    place can those proofs and relics you speak of be found?' I asked. The
    hoary-headed one, pointing to a locality in the vicinity of Turkey, said,
    'See here.' Immediately after, I woke up, and at once rushed to the upper
    deck and asked the Captain, 'What neighbourhood is the ship in just now?'
    'Look yonder', the Captain replied, 'there is Turkey and the Island of

    Was it but a dream, or is there anything in the above vision? Who knows!


    Any one know more details about Island of Crete and its history? Got
    something from Wiki and other source, but like to get more clarity....
  • Thanks Shash for the info..I also read that Therapeutae is derived from
    Theraputra meaning a monk's son - Thera - old Monk and Putra -son...

    Got a link in Google books..
    As you said, we really cant make out much on these without proper
    information in hand.

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