Invitation to view Kanaka Ajithadoss's Picasa Web Album - Siththannavasal visit-15,16-12-10
  • hello sir

    it is pleasure to watch sithhannavasal. I appreciate your intention.

    please guide me the way to sithhannavasal

    thanks in advance
  • dear Sirs,

    There seem to be some errors in the content of the album. Swami Sir study
    notes can be easily referenced - especially the reference to the inscription
    in sittanavasal as that of Mahendra Varman is not correct- some errors in
    the inphoto labels - like Vatteluthu in 8 -9 C CE. 22000 years ( typo one
    more zero).

    Request to be more diligent especially when we want to promote correct
    knowledge about our history and sites

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