Ariyanise the entire world. Rg-Veda [1 Attachment]
  • Going by your own words...

    why cant the translation be ' Make the entire world NOBLE'.....?????
  • Hi VKR,
    You made me to go through ninth chapter of Rgveda, but its ok to put some
    efforts to validate a statement. I have Rgveda published by Sanskriti Prakashan,
    Barelly and as per that ninth chapter comprises of sukta/sloka 44-50. In these
    six suktas, I did not find a single word which could mean Arya.

    You need to tell what exactly you mean by 'Rg-veda ix' as many of the books
    refer chapters differently. Hence if you can tell exact sukta then I can check
    that in my book and give details on that. Till then its like finding a needle in

    One more thing I want to say that please do not accept whatever is written on
    web till you validate this from your end. You, its people like us who are
    writing on web and there can be many mistakes in those statements. Hence please
    validate first or ask for help in validation before accepting any of the web

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