Thillana Mohanambal - Thiruvaarur in 20th Cenury
  • Dear all

    Happened to read this wonderful and famous novel by Kalaimani alias Kotthamangalam Subbu.

    Though the movie of the same name was an excellent cinema, I think the book has lot more to offer - esp for history lovers

    It vividly captures the tamil society under the british raj - without the Independent struggle backdrop. It shows a society which has silently accepted and settled with the British supremacy.

    It has very rare portrayal of song and dance paradigms of the bygone era which seems to have been alive even 100 years ago.

    Thiruvarur breaths to life in all its glory. The dancing legacy of this place seems to have survived since the chola times until 19th century.

    I wish to recommend this book to all PS lovers
  • Well said Gokul, That book is my all time favorite. Like you've rightly put though the cinema is very good - the only movie my father would sit & watch every time its on TV- it is no match for the book. The only regret is since AV never has reruns of any of its serials , I was able to get only a published version of the book. The one with Gopulu's sketches add more value to the novel. The old bound ones if available are in very bad shape :(. IMHO Padmini does not come anywhere near Gopulu's Mohana.
    P.S. You may like to try 'Raobahadur Singaram' by the same author which is also a very interesting read .
  • i have read somewhere that the movie was actually shot in azhagar koil and not in thiruvaroor or sikkal. nevertheless the the movie is still one of the records of the 1920s tanjore. those dancers, musicians,families dedicated to temple arts,zamindars,train travels, temple festivals...the semblences are still seen sometimes especially when you travel in the mayiladuthurai- karaikudi passenger train journeys. the metre gauge is up for track conversion now.


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