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  • rajeswaran p

    thank u for the wishes on my play. i do expect our
    other members of the groupe turn up for the show, it
    will be ideal to meet u, whoever is in town.

    well, as regrads the staging of ps couple of years
    back, i very much watched it. being a ardount fan, i
    watched it on two days and i like to give a different
    opinion than what our one other friend has done.

    first its wrong to change the screenplay of a work
    which was written, even for the purpose of suiting.
    second, few characters (v.thevan, apathuathivgal) were
    ok others i personally feel, doesn't go by the
    description, third the play didn't maintain the
    suspense which our god father maintained from page one
    to end. i have a strong opinion its a very haphazard
    attempt without going into further details. well the
    place in ymca was spacious but that's not sufficient.
    the lightings were ok, but the music, pl dont mind was

    the scene of adithya karikalan walking into
    sambuvaroyar fort, might earn applause, but mr. naser
    could have exhibited more. well, overall i am not
    happy with the effort. let me tell one opinion of mine
    ps can be discussed and can be personally visualised,
    projecting it needs to be thought twice. its nothing
    wrong to publicise it in other ways and not by
    televising or projecting in the wrong manner. well, i
    hold my opinion on the tv serial til its beemed. if it
    creates impression fine, what happens if its not
    projected properly, the new gen will think wheter is
    it this much only. let's keep our fingers crossed.

    i also spoke to few who happens to work in that ps
    play, they gave me different opinions. but remember
    the no. of persons it reached is much much low. prob
    because of the cost, but if it had been planned well,,
    they would have got enourmous sponsorships ????

    if i am to stage ps, i will ask all the characters to
    read ps for atleast 5 times then atleast one month of
    discussion cum classroom sessions would have been
    conducted, the rehearsal would go around atleast 6 to
    8 months on a 3 days a week basis (remember for a
    social play we do atleast 5 months of 3day week
    rehearsals) then play it foratleast 100 shows.

    friends, if u happen to see mani's kannathil u will
    find few budhha statues which got my memories back to
    ps and the way god father has dealt with it. amazingly

    well when its ps there is lots, we should channelise
    our discussions in such manner we discuss every month
    abt particular chapter / area/ character/ situation /
    etc. for august discussion we should plan in june and
    leave two months for ourselves to get prepared. think
    on it. probably at the end of it we would get a
    wholesome picture and who knows one of us will go in
    for beeming it, then i beleive it will be a success.

    intresting my friends, i came across a person who's
    name is senthan amuthan and he said his parents are
    great fans of ps. i am yet to meet them but will
    shortly do so. another intresting but disturbing thing
    was he has not read ps and doesnt seem to do it

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    [email protected]

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