mecheri village temple of Saileswarer & Kamakshi Amman
  • hello all Sri. and Smt Dr and Drs,

    I am born at Mecheri (632506) in the year 1947.
    in our village we have a Shiva - amman temple, would like to learn about it's history, can any one lead me to the importance and details, I remember our Previous gurukkal mama telling us that the idols were found in a well, in the neighbourhood and had a lot of historical importance, in the early 90's my dad with the help of community arranged for a Kumbhabhisegam along with the help of Dr.M.Venkataraman (a Philosophy Professor at Vivekananda's),then some brief information appeared in the news papers about our temple. Since I left my village as a young lad of 10 in the year 1957, and now the last 34 years living abroad too, have no direct access to experts of your calibre, and libraries. I seek all your help to enlighten me about our temple.I can proudly add here, Kanchee Maha Periavaal always visited our village in the times of our Grand father, for conducting puja's, at least once a year or so in our village Temple.

    I await your good news and information about our village temple, it lies on the Kanchee - Arcot - cheyyaar road - just 10 kms from the Kavai Kuttu road. If any one needs any more details, I can add and email them directly when there is a question.
  • Your place goes back to pallava times. Pallava chieftain built the temple.

    See Mahendrar Kudaivaraigal by Dr Kalaikkovan. He has included Mecheri (Melaicheri) as one of the mahendra period kudaivarais & provided a detailed treatment


    > hello all Sri. and Smt Dr and Drs,
    > I am born at Mecheri (632506) in the year 1947.

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