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  • Hello people...

    Its nice to be a part of this group, where everyone is into something
    worthwhile, and is interested in the most beautiful work of fiction - PS.
    I've been waiting and watching a long time to get a word in, but didn't,
    since I didn't think I could say much about casting actresses and
    actors...but something about myself, first. I'm pursuing the CA course, and
    am fiercely loyal to Kalki's works (and plenty of others:-)...which is what
    brought me here in the first place.

    I saw a theatrical version of PS a couple of years ago, staged by the
    Magic Lantern group- it was superb. They had changed the sequence a bit to
    fit into the stage version and even after some careful (and skillful )
    editing, it still came to 4 hours- but every minute of it was carefully
    structured. The ambience and atmosphere was delightful and the settings were
    appropriate. Most important- the characters spoke Thamizh very well!:)Sadly,
    it was performed only for 3 days- it was an unexpected bonanza, as far as I
    am concerned. Did anyone else catch this show at YMCA?

    Any views about Vanathi, anyone? (Aside from the fact that she
    existed?)Lotsa luck on your theatrical work, Mr. Sreevathson...And I'd
    really like to know more about everyone here...

    Seeya soon,
    Regards, PS. (my initials:-)

    To err is human, to forgive is super-human

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