Coverage in the Indian Express
  • Dear all...

    One of our members(Ms. Dhanya) works at the Indian Express, and has said
    that she would like to cover our trip in the Express. She has asked me for
    details of our trip so far. Kamalakannan, Sathya, Ravi, Ram et al...aside
    from the map and the route...have we got any other details/info to pass on
    to her? Do write as soon as possible.

  • Hi Pavithra and others,
    I would like to recall an incident at this point.A few months
    back(before this group was started),Ms.Dhanya wrote an article on
    PS and how people who read it get involved personally with it.That
    is how I realised that there are quiete a few kalki-hailers
    around.It was her article which acted as a spark behind starting
    this e-group.I would like to thank her for that.Since,she is also
    an ardent PS_fan and a member of this group,I'm not gonna thank
    her for her offer to cover the PS-trip.Other than the trip
    details,she may wanna write in general abt our group.About the
    great discussion(may be she should give speacial credits to folx
    like Gokul),I would personally like her to bring out the
    'family-feel' feel we all have and the 'kalki-bond' in her
    Merry christms and happy New year to all.Hope the new year brings
    more member.activities and fun to our group.

  • hey Ram Pavithra and others,

    First thanks to you ram - for saying all those nice things:-)
    you guys are the doers...
    I am just the passive observer...
    it's cheers to you folks...

    my idea was to write a curtain raiser kinda thing about the proposed
    trip... so that non internet people can be part of the group - and
    get online too...that way PSgroups gets stronger and stronger and
    bigger and bigger
    that's just an idea though...
    What say folks?
    Write in all... aye sayers and nay sayers...

    and when is the proposed date?
    have you all met up once or twice - or have you been talking things
    on the internet only?
    And ram are you coming down to chennai for the trip?

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