Malaiadipatti Video
  • Dear Arvind,

    Very nice vedio. thanks for sharing.

    This Sunday 27.2 I had been to Malayadipatti.

    Some cleaning work is in progress re paintings on the roof. So scuffoldings erected around the Sayanaperumal. Could not get clear image.

    But definitely very ancient Pallava temple..

    Been to Aladi Karuppu and Siva temple near by on the way.

    Reached Pudukottai via Kunnandar koil.

    Was recalling Vijay and Your programme and here is the Vedio.

    thanks and regards/ sps
  • Thanks, Arvind. Like the music, too.
    Looks like a wonderful place, do you know its
  • I know you will like it so much..

    just about 20 Km east of Narathamalai !!

    it is an amazing monument..

    compact .. paintings also there !!

    7th Century dear Kathie.

    Prof Swaminathan's favourite.

    will put more details.

    regards/ sps


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