thiruvaiyaru - aram valartha nayagi - vishnu
  • Dear all

    went to Thiruvaiyaaru temple yesterday.. what a massive one.!!! the gurukkal gave us list of five rivers.

    1. suriya river
    2. chandr river
    3. Ganga from shiva's head
    4. Breast milk of the ambal
    5. the foam (nurai) from nandi's mouth due to its constant chewing...

    ambal - aram valartha nayagi is said to be vishnu... or vishnu is in the form of aram valartha nayagi and is having 3 eyes like shiva/ Narasimhar. her hands are similar to mahavishnu / venkatachalapathy.. like some schools are of view that vishnu and amman are one and the same.

    while purusha suktham talks about mahavishnu as the greatest purushan , there is other school of the view that mahavishnu and shakti are the same... think this is absolute non duality .. that is no gender for the brahman..

    dont know whether this was discussed previously in our group.. but remeber that we discussed about venkatachalapathy and kanyakumari ...
  • RAAMA and RAMA are considered same .. according to ancient verses.

    thanks Dhivakar.

    Panchanadeeswarar temple is a wonderful temple.

    see the blog photos by Mr. Ramakrishnan h/o Mrs. Shobana - from our archieves too.

  • Dear Friends

    Appar has conveyed the same in Thiruvaiyaru padigam as

    " ariyallal devi Illai, Ayyan Ayaranarke"

    roughly translated ' There is no devi other than hari to the lord of Thiruvaiyaru"
  • Dear Dhiwakar

    Thanks for that...The common belief is Thiruvaiyaru is called so because it is nestled among 5 rivers







    A similar analogy exists in the Isle of Man

    They claim you can see from the top mountain you can see 7 kingdoms is what they claim

    Kingdom of Ireland

    Kingdom of Scotland

    Kingdom of Wales

    Kingdom of Man

    Kingdom of England

    Kingdom of the Sea

    Kingdom og Sky


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