Reading books
  • A word of advise for participating members :
    Please read as much as possible about the places you are going to
    visit. There are very many finer details which books can provide.
    You need to be aware of this to fully appreciate the chola legacy.
    I'd like to recommend the following books - try to get a copy of

    * Chola Temples - Archaeological Survey of India
    * Rajarajeswaram - the pinnacle of chola art
    * Four chola temples - SR Balasubramanyam
    * Pirkala cholar varalaru - Sadasiva pandarathar (Tamil)

    I know how difficult it is for you people to get these books.
    Kanthanakam, Devaneya Pavanar library (Mount road), Connemara,
    Higginbothams, Madras university library are some of the places I
    could think of - in Chennai.
    "Ask and you will get it; your will power will get you closer to
    what you want"

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