Some suggestions on trip
  • I think you guys have already drafted a nice plan that fills all the
    3 days - so I'm wondering whether you will be able to accomodate the
    following places :
    * Mela Paluvur / Kila paluvur : It is very near trichy. It is the
    home of Pazhuvettaraiyar family. There are very beautiful ancient
    chola temples located here - called Avani Ghandharpa Isvaram. These
    are 2 different villages today - spearated only by few KM. I think
    they are located along the Trichy Ariyalur route. If you guys are
    interested and think that this can be accomodated, I can provide a
    bit more details. I've not visited them in person as yet. As usual,
    it is in my 'to see' list.

    * Naarthamalai / Vijayalaya choleeswaram - This place is near
    Pudukottai. I don't think your itenerary will allow this place - but
    it is well worth a visit. You can see the earliest chola temple as
    well as some of the cave temples of Mutharaiyar family called
    Pazhiyili Iswaram (Pavi - am I right ?). Do let me know if you are
    considering this.

    I know you guys have spent considerable time in drafting the plans -
    so ignore these suggestions if you can't make it this time.

    I can suggest atleast 30 more places or so like this - closely
    associated with chola family and PS characters...many of them are
    available in SRB's Early chola art.

    May be we need to organise one more trip to cover all such lesser
    known places in the near future....

    Warm regards.

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