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    too small to think of bringing ps in small screen or
    for that matter big. let's all accept one thing that
    every one of us have a version of V.T, KUndavai, PS,
    etc. everyone of our vision might be entirely
    different, but still each one hold it near to our
    heart. so please, let us not involve in the discussion
    of analysing to characterise everyone. the vision
    should and will stand. if there is a software on ps
    coming up in tv or cinema, lets discuss on it later. i
    am of the opinion that whoever tries it is going to
    have lot's of problem.

    ok, this is one other information. i am a dramatist
    and doing tamizh play's in and around city. many
    persons have approached us on staging partly or wholly
    ps, knowing my admiration to it, i have refused and
    will refuse in any ocassion. i might try other guru's
    scripts on the stage.

    well by the by one of my play titled "Udyogam vayasu
    lakshnam" performed by the team of dummies will be
    staged on the 2nd of June (Sunday) morning 10.30 am at
    rani seethai hall (A/C), Gemini anna salai. if time
    perimits do walk in and we can interact or atleast
    meet once.

    abt me i am a chartered accountant and a visiting
    lecturer in few colleges. i am also a theatrist, i
    write scripts and act in plays. u can watch me in
    stage if u can be there on 2nd morning 10.30 am.

    wishing to meet u all


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