fooled by randomness
  • some excellent book to add to your list sirs...

    1. "fooled by randomness" by nassim nicholas taleb....its an awesome book...can change your paradigm of viewing things... less than Rs. 300 only...

    2. "zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" by robert prisig... again a very good book.....highly philosophical..another aspect of life and the way we think redefined...around Rs. 300

    3. The Aghora Trilogy,
    (a) Aghora - At the left hand of God
    (b) Kundalini
    (c) the law of Karma...
    all the three by Robert Svoboda..some might puke after reading the first book .. but great books all the three.. all three somewhere around 500

    4. Kumbakonam vakkil .. by Vaduvur duraisamy Iyengar written in 1920's.. though not high quality content.. but a very good read.. around 300

    5. "vasanthakokilam alladhu dhigambara saamiyar dhideer pravesam" by same vaduvur duraisamy iyengar around 100

    6. "Lakshmi kadaksham" by devan aroudn 100

    7. "alai osai" by kalki.. the best novel he has ever written.. PS pales in front of Alai osai.. try to get the best print possible...

    8. "rajathani manoradham" by devan... around 100

    9. "black swan" by nassim nicholas taleb.. around 300

    10. "mein kampf" by Adolf Hiltler.. try to get the best rate possible witht he best print

    11. "socialism enraal enna".. new century publication...i would personally give Rs. 1000 as gift if anybody can make me understand what this book is about.. around Rs. 20 is the cost...

    12. "The animal Farm" by george orwell

    13. "kuraiyondrum illai" and "kodhaiyin paadhai" entire series.. vanathi pathippagam

    14. " iyer kadidhangal".. think narmada .. around 100

    15. " thalaiyanai mandhiropadesam"... awesome book.. really worth reading and laughing.. that too married men would find it exactly replicating their real life....

    the above books are quite good..

    what makes the above books great is that i have read the above.. he he he!! now dont throw stones.. i have not understood most of the above..
  • Any one came across Kadal Pura and Yavana Rani by Chandilyan?

    If yes where can I buy this?
  • sir

    who can forget the gilma in those books.. book fairla erai padum andha books.. so dont worry...
  • one small correction in book title number 5 below

    it is "Thiripurasundari alladhu dhigambara saamiyar dhidum pravesam"

    also the title "thalaiyanai mandhiropadesam" is been published by United Writers and written by natesa saastri..

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