PS trip- Route map
  • Dear all...

    I consulted my map and my memory(what ever existed:-), and I've drawn
    up a kind of rough itinerary and plan for our trip on PS. I'm basing it on
    the figures and roads mentioned in the map- so if anyone has any
    suggestions/corrections/improvements to suggest, do please share them.

    First, I'm giving the general plan- I've given other suggestions after this.


    JOURNEY: Follow NH (National Highway) 45 via Tambaram, Madurantakam,
    Dindivanam- Vikkiravandi. At Vikkiravandi, turn from NH to State Highway
    (SH), pass through Panrutti(over Kedila nathi), Kadampuliyur (which is
    probably Kadambur), Viranam Eri. On the way, we pass thru Gangaikonda
    cholapuram, which lies a bit away from the road. Cross Kollidam,
    Thirupanandal, down to Kumbakonam. Reach Kudanthai by 5 in the morning.
    (Rooms will have to be booked).

    FEBRUARY 7th (Friday) morning- start roughly at 8 AM (after breakfast):

    Tour around Kudanthai. Darasuram, Pazhayaarai are near enough. Someone in
    the group mentioned that the Padai veedus still existed. These places are
    directly connected with PS- other places like Patteeswaram etc. aren't. [To
    be decided - are we visiting those places too?]

    Lunch at Kudanthai.

    Visit Gangaikonda Cholapuram (Since we'd have passed it at night), other
    places inside Kudanthai, till dinner. Night halt with dinner at Kumbakonam.

    FEBRUARY 8th (Saturday) morning - start early (say, 7 AM or earlier)

    Breakfast parceled at Kudanthai, which would be better eaten on the way,
    since a halt would consume time. On towards Nagappatinam, we 2 options:

    1. Come down south about 24 Kms from Kudanthai, towards Nida mangalam, turn
    east towards Thiruvaarur, onto Nagai. (or)

    2. Go to Nannilam, and from there to Thiruvarur and then to Nagai(roughly 60
    kms, totally). (We'll have to ask the best option)

    Reaching Nagai before 10 AM, we could look through the Sivan koil and Vishnu
    Koil there (are there any other places of interest? What about Chudaamani
    Viharam? If there's a native of Nagai in our group, they can suggest

    Get lunch at Nagai, and start down south towards Kodikarai, a distance of 55
    kms. Arrive at roughly 3 PM, and leave towards Vedaranyam at 4 PM (we'll
    *have* to pass thru Vedaranyam, as per the map). I believe there's a Sivan
    koil there. Assuming that we finish up by 5.30 PM. we could turn west,
    towards Orathanadu, after which Thanjavur arrives. (As per map,
    Pattukottai- Thanjavur -47 kms.)Roughly, the total distance between
    Vedaranyam and Thanjai would come to 105 kms.

    Night halt, dinner at Thanjavur. (we may reach there by 9 PM, I think).

    FEBRUARY 9th (Sunday)morning after breakfast:

    Thanjavur Periya Koil (this is sure to consume quite some time).

    Regarding the Serfoji palaces- they have no connection with PS, since they
    were built by the Marathas- but still, they're definitely of historical
    interest. Any suggestions?

    Thiravaiyaaru (where we might finish dinner or we could do it in Kudanthai)-
    back to Kudanthai, from where we retrace the route we came from Chennai, via
    Panrutti, Vikkiravandi, and join NH 45, straight back to Chennai, which
    might be sometime around monday morning.

    I did try the routes which might join NH 45 without going to Kudanthai, but
    they seemed to involve a lot of detours.

    In following NH 45, we cannot possiby go thru Kanchi, Arakkonam etc.
    (They're much too faraway from our route). Any way, Kanchi hasn't much to do
    with PS, other than Karikalan's Pon Maligai- and nothing of that exists:-).
    If we go straight down south, we stand a beter chance of seeing more places.
    Kanchi will involve a separate trip all by itself.

    Thakkolam and Vallam don't possess anything in the way of tourist
    attractions, as far as I know.

    We'll be passing through Viranam Eri and the rest by night- but we're not
    missing much- there isn't anything to see:-)

    I've drawn up this itinerary and map, based on the number of days we have
    and the number of places we could visit- which is why I started out with
    Thursday night. If there're any errors, bear with me. Lets pool our
    suggestions and if anyone has alternatives, we'll share them.
  • Excellent work Pavithra..... I like to suggest some points to make our trip comfortable.
    1) Atleast for 3 days, we have to forget our sweet Early morning sleep and depart from the respective places before 7am, so that we can see the places before it close down by 11 am or 12 noon.
    2. Even though our Trip is oriented with P.S. there is no hard and fast rule like that we have to visit the places which related to it. By chance if we came across other important places in the same town we will vist without fail.
    3. While preparing the itinerary we have to scrutinise two places which is least preferred and can be avoided if time not permits for each and every day.
    4. If our night halts places are decided, we have to book the Places where we will be staying and food arrangement in corresponding places with the help of our other members or their friends/relatives.
    Looking for more suggestions,
    with love,
    Ravi kanth.
  • Hi all,
    Frankly, I'm jealous of all of you who are going to make it for this PS trip. Such a trip has been in my mind for a long time and it is a great irony that many of us - including myself - will be missing this due to many reasons. I hope you people will take enough no of photos as well as share your experiences - in "Kalki" style - so that the rest of us will atleast perfom the journey - mentally.
    Pavithra's work is simply excellent. Her knowledge of these places is amazing ! Well done Pavi !
    My 2 cents worth : Choodamani viharam survived till 15th century - quite amazing - but succombed to some Jesuist missionary construction in early 16th century. This info is in KA Neelakanda Sastri's "The Cholas" book. You might still be able to enquire about the vihara in the local museum and see if anything interesting comes up.
    While all of you will all be enjoying the company of each other for those three days, there will be a few of us around the world who will keep thinking "what would the group will be doing now ?" "which place they will be seeing now ?" and so on...
    My very best wishes and prayers for the full success of this trip.
  • Shanker,
    Kallanai is not on the way between Trichy and THanjavur....u've to
    travel for abt 30-40 mins from Trichy to reach kallanai.

    Ramachandran Mahadevan,
    Research Assistant,
    Washington State University,
    H-113,1920NE Terre View Dr,

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