Chat session on 24-Nov-2002 Part I
  • Yahoo! Messenger: Conference skamalakkannan-102551
    Yahoo! Messenger: shankarkrupa has joined the conference.
    skamalakkannan: hi ravi
    skamalakkannan: hi shankar
    shankarkrupa: ravi?
    skamalakkannan: can you invite satya and shankarbabu to
    our conference?
    shankarkrupa: Where are others?
    shankarkrupa: Okay, I will....
    shankarkrupa: By the by, who is ravi shankar?
    skamalakkannan: ravi is Ravi kanth
    skamalakkannan: Shankar is you
    shankarkrupa: Oh.....!!!
    skamalakkannan: Ya...!!!
    shankarkrupa: I am doing it....
    shankarkrupa: Shankarbabu kittaerndhu no reply....
    skamalakkannan: Ravi kittaerndhum no reply.
    skamalakkannan: enna pannalam?
    shankarkrupa: Theriyala, sathyar123 yoda systemlayum
    yennamo prachchanai...
    Yahoo! Messenger: raviji_99 has left the conference.
    Yahoo! Messenger: raviji_99 has joined the conference.
    shankarkrupa: I have invited sathyar123 again.
    raviji_99: hi
    skamalakkannan: do u have the yahoo id of Pavithra?
    Yahoo! Messenger: sathyar123 has joined the conference.
    raviji_99: hi satya is also online
    raviji_99: invitehim
    skamalakkannan: hi satya
    shankarkrupa: Mmmmm....
    raviji_99: i think she got hotmail
    sathyar123: hi
    Yahoo! Messenger: raviji_99 has declined to join and sent:
    Thanks, but no thanks.
    skamalakkannan: what happened to ravi?
    shankarkrupa: Idhu yenna kanna moochchi....?
    shankarkrupa: Seri, shankerbabu-vai pidiththu
    varubavargalukku, 2000 porkaasugal parisu.
    Yahoo! Messenger: raviji_99 has joined the conference.
    skamalakkannan: Matravargalukku enna vazhi?
    sathyar123: discuss pannittu MOM anupoidalam..
    shankarkrupa: Seri, appadiyae pannidalaam.
    skamalakkannan: ok
    raviji_99: fine this is first our e-conference lets introduce
    ourselves till others come
    sathyar123: shall we wait for some more time or start
    shankarkrupa: We shall start, let others join.
    skamalakkannan: I am in Tambaram, Chennai.
    skamalakkannan: Working for Covansys India Ltd
    shankarkrupa: I am krupa shankar, pallava naattu prajai
    skamalakkannan: Pallavarama?
    sathyar123: I am Sathya, working in TCS, currently in US for
    an onsight deputation.
    shankarkrupa: Illai, chennaithaan. Saidapettai.
    raviji_99: iam 26, single, BE (Elect & commn) completed in
    chennai, Teynampet area, present working for Philips India
    Ltd, Consumer Electronics division as Customer support
    Engineer at Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh
    raviji_99: shankar where u working?
    shankarkrupa: I have resigned my job, from bangalore. I am a
    medical transcriptionist.
    Yahoo! Messenger: pavithranivas is not available.
    raviji_99: are u still in bangalore
    sathyar123: hey will u guys accept any last minute entry ?
    Yahoo! Messenger: eshanthi is not available.
    shankarkrupa: At present, I am in trichy....a mini trip.
    skamalakkannan: if possible, Yes.
    raviji_99: why not?
    shankarkrupa: I will be joining the chennai office by 2nd of
    next month.
    skamalakkannan: ok
    shankarkrupa: I also wanted to ask that, there are some of my
    friends who are uncertain.
    sathyar123: thank you..
    skamalakkannan: where shall we start from?
    shankarkrupa: First, the route.
    skamalakkannan: yes
    raviji_99: Lets discuss the places so that the route we will able
    to do automatically
    raviji_99: We had time for 3 days
    shankarkrupa: first of all, the thakkolam.
    shankarkrupa: It is still there? Will we be able to see it?
    raviji_99: I hope some members will join by 11am becoz
    kamal initially u told that we will chat at 11am
    skamalakkannan: 11 am?
    shankarkrupa: Okay, we shall wait also.
    skamalakkannan: ok
    sathyar123: if so, 15 more mins. we could very well wait
    shankarkrupa: Till then..?
    skamalakkannan: The definite places are Thanjavur,
    Nagapattinam and...
    skamalakkannan: Kudanthai
    raviji_99: Fine we can include, thanjai, Gangai konda
    cholapuram, pazhayarai,
    shankarkrupa: Okay, what about the thakkolam?
    shankarkrupa: I am very keen.
    raviji_99: kudanthai (kumbakonam), Darasuram
    skamalakkannan: ok Thakkolam
    sathyar123: thakkolam enga irukku..
    shankarkrupa: Arakkonam pakkaththula.
    raviji_99: even i donno
    shankarkrupa: Same here, I know it from Kalki's reference in
    ponniyin selvan
    skamalakkannan: what will we see in Thakkolam? Any idea?
    sathyar123: sudamani vigaram ippo eppadi irukku.. any idea ?
    raviji_99: But guys do u beleive that any landmarks will be
    there in thakkolam for the wars fought over there, i feel it will
    be typical 21st century village
    raviji_99: Becoz we shouldnot get disappointment after visiting
    that place
    skamalakkannan: yes. that's very important
    skamalakkannan: if pavithra is here, it would be better. bcoz,
    she have visited all the places already
    skamalakkannan: And Kadambur and Vallam
    sathyar123: kodikarai ?
    skamalakkannan: definitely.
    skamalakkannan: it is near nagapattinam. Right?
    sathyar123: think so..
    Yahoo! Messenger: shankarkrupa has joined the conference.
    shankarkrupa: Oh sorry....
    shankarkrupa: Got cut suddenly.
    raviji_99: First we have to decide the places and where to visit
    in that area and prepare the Schedule
    raviji_99: All these to be happen b4 december 31st
    raviji_99: Then we will have get togethr meetig during pongal
    at chennai
    skamalakkannan: yes. that would be better
    skamalakkannan: let us decide the date and time for get
    raviji_99: pongal holidays will be ideal
    shankarkrupa: Pongal day is fine .
    sathyar123: during pongal many of them may go to theri
    native palce..
    shankarkrupa: Appa, yaedhaavadhu oru sunday?
    skamalakkannan: or over the phone?
    sathyar123: we can have during the other weekend other than
    pongal ..
    raviji_99: ok i hope atleat chennai people can meet during
    raviji_99: but satya will u reach b4 jan
    skamalakkannan: we need to have 2 meetings.
    shankarkrupa: One before finalizing and one after finalizing?
    skamalakkannan: No. for finalising only.
    sathyar123: enakku theriyala.. mgr innum onnum mudiva
    sollala.. innum eadho clientskitternthu request varutham.. so..
    skamalakkannan: let us have the choice of 2 dates and we
    can participate in either meeting or in both
    shankarkrupa: MGR...? Avarthaan ippa illayae?
    skamalakkannan: mgr means Manager
    sathyar123: podhume kadichathu mgr - manager
    shankarkrupa: But, would not it be best if we first be clear with
    the route?
    raviji_99: k
    sathyar123: that wud be better..
    shankarkrupa: he, he...marubadiyum asadu vazhigirane....
    sathyar123: anyway starting and ending point is madras right
    skamalakkannan: yes
    raviji_99: yeah
    skamalakkannan: one of our friend Vasanth wanted to board
    at Bangalore...
    shankarkrupa: Then, next is madras to arakkonam?
    skamalakkannan: but no reply from him yet.
    shankarkrupa: Yes, yes. We are both working in the same
    office, me and vasanth.
    skamalakkannan: ok
    skamalakkannan: is he interested?
    sathyar123: i think after thaty he asked for the route and he
    will decide where to aborad..
    raviji_99: Guys check this link for road route
    shankarkrupa: I mean, we were working in the same office.
    Yes, he is very much in
  • Dear all...

    Read through the chat sessions- I tried to participate, but couldn't :-)
    I'm writing here some points which I thought deserve mention:

    1. The van's a great idea- no other transport is better to stop and start as
    we'd wish.

    2. There was some talk of going thru Kanchi- it's a great idea. I'd like to
    know exactly what we're going to see there. Kanchi, by itself, has about 18
    popular temples- all of them fairly huge and having historical importance
    (the divya desams and several Siva temples, I mean). 'Jina Kanchi', in
    particular is cool, in my opinion, but Kanchi might well take up a whole day
    if we want to see *all* the temples. I'm sure that can't be, so...what's the
    plan? And about the aranmanai:-)- there was nothing but a mound of rubble
    the last time I saw it, occupied by huts. For all I know, it may not exist

    3. Thakkolam. The last we saw, it was a pretty small place with a road
    branching off from the main road leading to it. We asked about its
    significanace, but it turned out that there was nothing to see. There *may*
    be a temple- aside from that, there are no signs of a battle or anything

    4. Temple Timings. If we really want to visit a good many temples, a very
    early start is required- 'cause we'll have to travel all over the place.
    Most small temples close shop at 11AM, sometimes sooner. (Sometimes, the
    archagars have to be dragged out of home:-)

    5. Itinery. I think we'll have to plan a good deal - with the kilometers we
    can travel in a day, with the places we want to visit thrown in. Meal times
    too- we can't afford to be stranded in an out of the way village with a huge
    temple, but no eatery.

    Can I offer a suggestion? What about taking a parceled lunch from the place
    we have our breakfast to last us the whole day? That way, we won't have to
    get back to a town each time we want to eat.

    Anyone has any more suggestions? Do share it.

    Love, Pavithra.

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