Who is the hidden personality?
  • Hi Friends,

    I think everyone one is busy with their work. Try this puzzle in your
    leisure time.

  • Pazhuvoor Ilayarani Nandhini!

  • Good.. Me too guessed so.. but not able to fit the
    Ilayarani in the clues..

    Please fill that also and send...

    - Sathya
  • 1.Aabaththudhavigal- PA (BA)
    2.Pazhuvettarayargal- ZHU
    3.Thanjavur- VU
    4.Por- R
    5.Idumban kari- I
    6.LA LA
    7.Malayaman- YA
    8.viharam- RA
    9.Mandhahini- NDH
    10.Vanadhi- NA
    12.Adhitha karigalan- DHI
    13.Anirudha Brammarayar- NI

  • Very good...

    What about 9 and 11? Answer for 9 is not Mandhahini.
  • I think the answer for 11 is Kundavai...
  • What a pity.........I just now joined this group. I wanted to send
    the answer, but alas, this Shanthalakshmi is faster. :-)
  • The answer for 9 is Vaniammai, Sendhan amudhans foster
    For 11 it must be Kundhavai as Shanthalakshmi mailed

  • Excellent Sundar... You are right.

    The next quiz is under preparation. I will post it within 2 or 3 days.

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