Mudhal Yathiraiyin Parivarangal
  • Hi Friends,

    So far, 4 members have registered. They are

    1. S.Kamalakkannan
    2. B.Vijayapriya
    3. T.Shankar
    4. R.Sathya

    The consolidated details of the participants are put in an MS-Excel
    file and added to the group.

    The cells in red color are required information to be given by the
    participant. I request Shankar to provide the convenient time for
    chatting on 24th Nov. And sathya, please confirm the preferred date
    of travel as soon as possible.
  • Hi Friends,

    So far, 7 friends have registered for the trip. Out of 7, sathya
    wanted her entry to be marked as not confirmed. So, i made her entry
    in red color.

    I would like to add some more points in planning our trip. Some of
    our friends may have some difficulties or inconveniences to
    participate in the trip. The typical reasons may be any one of the
    situations stated below.

    1. Examinations
    2. Interviews
    3. Monthly inconvenience for women
    4. Family functions / celebrations
    5. Late arrival from any foreign country
    6. Already commited for another trip

    If you have any such issues, feel free to mention your comfortable
    alternate date (preferably weekends), which is little closer to the
    base date(Feb 7,8&9). Let your alternate date be within 2 or 3 weeks
    after our base date.

    Let us finalize the travel date, which is comfortable for all
    interested participants during our chat on Sunday 24th November.

    And i request our friends to inform the convenient time for chatting
    on 24th unless anytime on that day is ok for you.

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