PS - Facts and fiction #13 (Mathuranthaka Uttama chola)
  • Evidence 4 :
    It is quite interesting to note that Mathuranthaka either had no
    issues or had some issues who could not come to power. T.V.S.
    Pandarathar talks about certain 'Mathuranthaka" who was working as a
    temple supervisor in Rajaraja's times and says that he was the son
    of Uttama chola. I'm not sure whether his claim was based on any
    evidences or not. Remember that even Rajendra had the name
    madhuranthaka before he became a king.
    Arumizhi was recognised as the heir apparent during uttama's time.
    If uttama had children, they should have come to power either during
    his own life time or after Rajaraja. But surprisingly, we find that
    issues of Utttama chola are not even tracable very clearly - leave
    alone the issue of coming to power.
    It is difficult to accept that theory that Uttama did'nt have any
    children - considering the fact that he had many wives - unless....
    (You know what I mean :-))
    Taking TVS theory that he had a son, why was he not given a very
    high position or recognized in Rajaraja's times ? What happened to
    the generations that followd ? At a much later date, we find that a
    completely new breed of cholas (chalukya - cholas) were allowed to
    regin the kingdom after athi rajendra. It is quite surprising that
    the issues of Uttama chola could not make a headway into the royal
    frontiers at all.
    It somehow seems that the whole generation was disregarded - in
    terms of power - since Rajaraja. Why did the generation did not
    revolt ? After all, going by the chola practice - the crown belongs
    to the generation of uttama more than arumozhi.
    Was it true that Rajaraja and Rajendra completely overshadowed the
    other branch by their sheer valour ? Or was it a deliberate attempt
    to sideline the generation of Uttama who committed a henious crime
    to sieze the throne ?
  • Hallo all...

    I, for one, found the fact that Uthama Chozhar had no issues pretty
    perplexing too- rather difficult to digest that. And there's another thing-
    Kalki indicates in PS that Poonghuzhali marries Uthama Chozhar- and Kalki
    would never marry characters unless he knew them to be real (like Kundhavai
    and VD)- so does that mean that Uthama Chozhar really married an 'odakkara
    penn'?? Can't digest that, either. And I've always thought that Poonguzhali
    was a fictional character- was she or was she not??

    Welcome back, and keep going, Gokul- great!


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