Who's Love was the greatest Love?
  • Bravo! That Poonghuzhali's love would be better than either Mandhakini's or
    Manimegalai's I'd not considered before. But its quite true- Poonghuzhali is
    such a sensible person, its exactly how she would react.

    By the way...I know Kalki has written about the Singala Naachiaar koil,
    built by Arulmozhi- but what's the truth behind it? Did Kalki cleverly use a
    decrepit temple to bring in Mandhakini's existence, or did it all happen
    like Kalki portrays in PS...in a way, did Mandhakini really exist?

    And did Uthama Chozhar really marry a 'Odakkaara penn' ??

    Oh experts of PS, please clarify...:-)


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