Gangai Konda Solapram
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    There was a question of GK Cholapuram...It is near Thanjavur some 40 miles north east.

    the temple is similar to thanjavur but has a feminie look in camparision to thanjavur periyakoil.

    It was built to commomorate Rajendra Cholan's victory..upto Ganga..Historically provan that he defeated Mahibalan in the banks of ganga.And it was built to boast his victory as a great chola king he was.

    In fact PS tells you how the child of Vanathi and Rajaraja(PS) will supercede his father in his victories.Vanathi is supposed to have Alilai regai (Skincrease in the shape of Leaves of the Banyan)which is akin to Lord Krishna.Hence Kuadanthai jothidar predicts that he will have victories to wherever he laid his eyes.

    A very good book to read is VENGAIYIN MAINDAN which potrays his tenure spanning the victory of Srilanka ,North Deccan(present day Andra,Madyapradesh,bihar..)and Malaysianad indonesia(Hence he is called KADARAM KONDA CHOLAN and GANAGAI konda Cholan)Tamil culture spread to the far east as to the Combodia ...infact influencing the local culture that the worlds largest Hindu Temple is in Ankorvat.

    It is noted in history that Rajendra conquered upto Ganga there is a temple near Mathura in UP whicha is built very similar to chola temples.(No archeologic or historic evidence but it just stands out promonantly among all North Indian Marble temples)

    Will keep you posted Cheers


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