PS - Facts and fiction #12 (Mathuranthaka Uttama chola)
  • Evidence 2 :

    Pandyas had been the sworne enemies of cholas since time immemorial.
    We are all aware that bitter battles were faught between the two
    throughout the later hola regime. Vijayala / Aditya, Paranthaka,
    Gandaradhitya (?) - and ofcourse, Paranthaka II (Sundara chola) -
    all had to fight Pandya revolt at some point of their time. Infact
    Paranthaka had to fight more than once - to supress Pandya king
    Once such war was faught in sevur - in which veera pandiyan lost his
    If you go a bit further - you'll find that Rajaraja the great began
    his historic conquest first from Pandya country (though Kandalur
    salai battle with cheras is considered the first - Rajarja had to
    first cross the pandya empire even to reach Kandhalur. Thus, he had
    to supress Amarabhujanga, the then pandyan emperor - before
    proceeding to chera country).

    It is evident that Pandyas were alive and well during this period -
    because Rajaraja's first battle with them and subsequent battles with
    cheras (in which Pandyas obviously alighned with cheras to overcome
    chola power) - were neverthless easy victories. Thus we cannot say
    that Pandyas were too weak to plan any revolt in this period.

    Evidence 3 :
    By right, history should have seen a chola - pandya fight very close
    to Aditya chola's death. The confution that was prevailing in chola
    empire was obvious - there were confusions as to who might be the
    successor and it was a very good time for pandya's to capitalize
    this. But they did'nt.
    One arguement could be that there were no pandya emperors in the
    meanwhile. But this is strange - considering the way Pandyas
    organised themselves. Because, Pandya's called themselves as
    descendents of Pancha Pandavas and to make people believe this - more
    than one ruler was available at any point of time. Ofcourse, they all
    had a supreme leader among themselves - who was called the emperor -
    but the important thing is there were always some royal guys to
    replace a leader. There are many many evidences available to prove
    this - it is difficult for me to detail them here.
    The overall point implied here is that Pandyas might have had their
    own leader who replaced Veerapandya - probably the Amarabhujanga ! -
    when Aditya was killed. There was a 3 year gap between Sevur Battle
    and Aditya's death - a sufficiently long gap for the pandyas to
    identify their next leader.

    To me, these evidences do tell something...some dark and secret
    story, long buried in the recesses of time .....
    how about you ?

    (...Facts will continue to pour in..:-)
  • Hello all...

    >Once such war was faught in sevur - in which veera pandiyan lost his

    Er, Gokul...but wasn't the Sevur war the one in which Aditya was only 12- so
    how could Veera Pandiyan have lost his life then??? Adithya killed Veera
    Pandian when he went down south- on the banks of Vaigai (iruthi por, as
    Kalki mentions in the 1st paagam)- and that's where the "Nandini drama' is
    enacted...and this was at least three years later, if not more.

  • Hi all,

    I just joined the group. Been a PS fan since I don't remember when.
    Have read it at least a couple of dozen times -- I pick it up and
    read it every two years or so and there is never a shortage of
    excitement each time I pick it up. I usually finish the 5 volumes
    within a few days each time.

    It is wonderful to read these postings as well.

    Anyhow, Adithan was 24 when he died and he killed Veera Pandiyan
    about three years before that (so says Kalki in PS somewhere). He
    fought first when he was 12 but did not get to lead until he was 18.

    I believe these are documented facts.

    On the vallam issue: I thought the place was later called
    Vaanagapaadi (Vandiya Devan gets to be the king of this place later).
    Did that become Vaaniyambaadi later?
  • Hi Hari,
    Is it not the same 'vallam' near Thanjavur ?


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