PS - Facts and fiction #10 (Mathuranthaka Uttama chola)
  • Before looking at how Mathuranthaka took the throne, it is important
    to consider how Aditya was recognized as the heir apparent by Sundara
    chola. As PS portrays, since mathurantaka was too small when his
    father (Gandaraditya) and step-father (Arinjaya) died - sundara chola
    came to throne. But once mathuranthaka came to age, Sundara chola -
    instead of recognizing him as the next king - makes his own son as
    the heir apparent.
    We do not know the reasons behind this - and are not in a position to
    accept what kalki says - that Paranthaka/Gandaraditya wished Sundara
    chola and his heirs to continue to claim the chola throne. We do not
    have any evidence to this.
    Once good reason could be that Aditya was a great warrior for his age
    and was - as against what kalki portrays - a pious and intelligent
    son as well. We will take a look at Aditya in detail later - but for
    now, let us assume that Aditya was able to surpass Mathurantaka by
    his own valour..which seems to be the most probable conclusion
    against the available evidence.
    No doubt, there were a group of people in the kingdom as well as
    around Mathuranthaka - who were revolting against this and perhaps
    Mathuranthaka himself was not happy with this ! (as vividly portrayed
    in PS)
    As aditya became more and more famous - installing himself deeper and
    deeper into the throne - Mathuranthaka may have visualized a may day
    for him and his generations to come. Moreover, he might have felt
    that this was wrong - morally and ethically. Sundara should have
    tried to convice him - saying that a man like Aditya alone can save
    the country against rising enemy power all around the empire...

    It is absolutely possible that our man was not convinced about all
    this and - in the company of some "dangerous fellows" - decided to
    play his dice...

    ( be con:-)

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