Nandhipurathu Nayaki
  • Even I was thoroughly confused when I read the first few pages of
    N.Nayaki - which begins after 9 year rigerous imprisonment of
    V.Devan. Even I thought it is a historic truth and was taken aback as
    to how this fellow really managed to marry Kundavi at all - having
    been framed like that !
    But apart from that novel, I've not come across any evidence to
    support this. True, I may be ignorant of some evidences - But I'm
    almost convinced that this is nothing but imagination of Vikraman.

    Also - With due respects, I've to say that the novel is not a good
    work at all. The preface raises great expectations - it says it is
    meant to answer many questions raised in PS - but I don't think it is
    worth reading even once.

    Atleast I would not recommend it to anybody I like :-)

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