PS - Facts and fiction #9 (Mathuranthaka)
  • Speaking about Mathuranthaka - we should make a clear cut distinction
    between historical Mathuranthaka Uttama Chozha and the Senthan
    amudhan -turned-mathuranthaka of PS. Senthan amudhan is a fictional
    character - personification of soft hearted men of great character
    and ideals. He is also human and down to earth - he says he will
    prefer poonguzhali over sivabhakthi loka :-).
    But I'm not here to discuss Senthan amudhan in detail. My interest is
    with Mathuranthaka Uttama Chola - as history portrys him and the
    facts that go with or contradict what is said in PS about that guy.
    First and foremost point of interest (this, I've mentioned in another
    mail as well) - is that initially senthan amudhan was not intented to
    be converted to Mathuranthaka by Kalki. The reasons for this sudden
    change of mind on Kalki's side - in itself - is a point of great
    debade. But I'll not go into it. All I'd like to say here is the
    exact incident as portrayed by Kalki's son Mr.Rajendran :
    One day Kalki was doing Yogasana - every day morning he had the habit
    of doing that. (Remember that Yogacharya Sundaram's widely acclaimed
    series on Yoga featured as a series in Kalki - in those days.) And
    it was boy Rajendran's duty - every day - to count numbers for his
    father when he was doing Sirasasanam - a posture of standing upside
    down !
    On the given day - after recovering from asana posture - Kalki
    suddenly asked the boy : Senthan Amudhanaye Raja Aaki vittal enna ?
    (Why not make Sendhan Amudhan a king ?)
    Of course, Kalki should have thought about this afterwords also -
    before coming to a conclusion. But in my own humble opinion, the
    historical mathuranthaka looks more like the earlier mathuranthaka
    than the pious Senthan amudhan !
    Any evidences ?
    Well, I have more than one !
    (...To be continued :-))

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