PS - Facts and fiction #8 (Some comments)
  • Thanks for so much info lavanya. To be frank, I'm absolutely baffled
    by the amount of info you have provided.
    Many things are new to me ... and to the whole group as well ( I
    My only worry is that whether we have evidence for all this !!
    across the military school you are talking about - at all !
    To me - it all seems to be events from a historic novel - rather than
    information from inscriptions and copper plates !! (Just kidding :-))

    Anyway I fully understand your position and I'll wait for your next
    chennai trip :-) Let us hope your friend will provide us more details!
  • Hi Gokul
    I am so sorry... I entirely agree with you....All these things I had
    happened to know long ago, so long ago that I cant separate the inferences
    from the inscriptions.... But I was convinced of all this. I have completely
    made a mess of all the facts that I think it requires Mr. Sundar
    Bharadwaj(the source of all my information) himself to clarify it to us.
    I will try and make him to write a detailed mail for all of us. In the
    meanwhile, you can just take it as some information - without classifying it
    as fact or fiction. But I do think that there is evidence of Rajarajan
    destroying such a place in one of the inscriptions. I am so sorry for
    providing you all with incomplete informations. Please bear with me till I
    could find out more about it. In the meanwhile, I guess Mr.Gokul has
    something else to look out for - info. abt this military school... Will try
    n get the name next time I call up home....

    Bye till then
  • Hi all,
    I have one doubt!!!!!!

    It seems vandhiyathevan was in jail for some period during uttama
    chozha┬┤s period(I read it from Nandhipuratthu nayagi novel)!!!!
    Is it true???
  • Nuhil,
    I think it is true....even Kalki in his Epilogue sayd after a lot
    of difficulties VT marries Kundavai.
  • Dear all...

    To tell the truth- I've heard about this famed mililtary school too- but
    my sources too were fictional works:-). I'd really like to know if it really
    did exist. I think it's mentioned in one of Balakumaran's historical novels
    (Ram- I think you must know this...)

    Am I glad that the great and omnipotent Brahmaraayar had no hand in
    Aditya's assasination:-)...I'm learning a lot about PS since Mr. Gokul and
    Lavanya began posting.


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