-Vandhiyathevan-- Location of Vallam in MAP
  • Dear friends

    The exact location of vallam(according to Amarar
    Kalki) may turn out to be a mystery. I searched on the
    world wide web for the location vallam near
    kancheepuram & now i am forwarding the results.
    Also one of our member "sumi" mentioned about a
    village named "vallampadukai" in the north arcot
    district.Hope sumi wanted to tell about the same
    But please visit the following website to know the
    present location of vallam.



    I do not know whether Amarar Kalki wants to
    describe about this Vallam (in vellore District- not
    far from kanchipuram).

    Gokul knows much about this i hope & i leave it to
    him for his comments.


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