PS - Facts and fiction #1 (Vandhiyathevan)
  • Hi Guys,
    Beginning this week, I'll be posing my ideas as small titbits of
    info in a series with the above title. Hope it will help us to break
    the big lull and generate some discussions.
    First I'll begin with characters and then proceed to events. My aim
    is to compare the evidences available from history against the
    imagination of Amarar kalki and share some thoughts on them.
    I begin with our hero Vandhiyathevan. I have to tell you that if
    response is too poor, I may not be encouraged to write much !!:(

    Vallavarayan Vandhiyathevan
    Vallavarayan Vandhiyathevan was a real personality who existed in
    Chola regime under Rajaraja and before. His origins and caln are
    absolutely nothing to prove his connectivity with Vaanar Kulam.
    Sadasiva Pandarathar suggests that he might have belonged to eastern
    chalukyas - again without offering much evidence to support his claim.

    Dr.Poovannan's research has some interesting insights on this. He has
    clearly quoted how Kalki had a very strong belief that Vandhiyathevan
    belonged to Vanar clam and he was even prepare to go against some of
    the well known historians of his times - in this. The question is :
    What made Kalki to believe so strongly that VThevan was indeed a
    vaanan ??

    Again, Vandhiyathevan does not speak about his father mother or
    family throughout the story ! and none of us think about this at
    all ! Once he speaks about his early childhood - but nowhere does he
    mention about his father etc. and how he is connected to vaanar
    kulam. The truth is that there is no historic evidence to support
    this. But Kalki should have had his own ideas behind this faith..what
    it was ? We might never know !! be continued:-)

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