Ponniyin Pudhalvar - The fire within
  • Hi all,
    I thought I could write something about an amazing biography on
    Amarar Kalki.
    Written by writer Sunda (Sundarajan) and published by vanathi,
    this 1200 and odd page book is a fitting companion to sivakamiyin
    sabadham - in terms of its size.
    When I took this book first, I just thought that - after all this
    is a biography and may not be as interesting as kalki's novels - and
    thought of browsing only those portions related to PS.
    Alas ! I's in for a drastic shock.
    For the next one week, I could neither put down the book nor think
    of anything other than Kalki and the people with whom he was closely
    associated - Rajaji, TKC, Sadhadivam and MS Subbulakshmi.

    I've not come across any other biography in Tamil with so much
    reseach work done in the background - that too for a writer !
    The book is not just a collection of interesting incidents or how
    great a writer kalki was - it is a live account of 50 and odd years
    which saw the fall of an empire and rise of an age old nation;
    it was also a golden period for tamil magazine industry in which
    thousands of ardent fans would wait for a copy of kalki mag - in
    railway stations - early in the morning (2 AM !).

    In Kalki - we find a great writer, a humorist, a social reformer,
    a gandhian, a propagandist, a good husband and a wonderful father -
    as also a great friend !
    The transformation of Kalki from a half drawer boy of
    Putthamangalam to the most renowned writer of tamilnadu - who took
    tamil literature to hiterdo unknown heights - is the incredible and
    unbelievable story of the evolution of a great man.

    If there is anything you can do for him - this sep 9th (apart
    from a nice chat with our group friends) , it is this:

    Grab a copy of this book - go to some corner of the house where
    you'll have least disturbance - and lose yourself in time to
    find out the fire that was igniting a man called Kalki

    warm rgds.

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