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  • Dear guys & gals,
    Thanks to all for your encouraging comments.

    As requested by Shankar and Srivatson I'm providing some useful
    resources on Chola History. Pavitra - I shall take up your questions
    a while later.

    * Raja raja cholan by R.Ponnammal (Tamil) - Vanathi Pathippagam

    An introductory book on Rajaraja - useful for beginners and those
    interested only in his life.

    * Pirkala chozhar varalaru (Tamil) - 2 volumes by T.V.Sadasiva
    pandarathar (Tamil) - Annamalai Univ publications.

    An authoritative treasie on 12 generations of later chola history by
    a respected scholar. This book is THE MOST BASIC RESOURCE which kalki
    used for PS. After reading this - you'll be amazed how Kalki has used
    historic evidences with great imagination. For example, there is a
    passing reference to a old tamil song beginning "Sundara chozhar
    thinmaiyum vanappum ...etc.." Kalki will pull these lines out from
    the mouth of Buddha bikshu in choodamani viharam.

    * The Cholas (English) - 3 vols by K.A.Neelakanda sastri - Madras
    university pub.

    Another authoritative and detailed treasie by an eminent historian.
    I'm yet to read this book but I see many other authors quoting this
    work. Probably this was the first serious work on chola history by
    Indian authors.

    * Chozhar varalaru (Tamil) - by Dr.M.Rajamanickanar - Saiva
    siddhantha noorpadhipu kazhagam.

    Among the historians of Tamil history I place Dr.M.R above the rest.
    The way he presents the facts, his deep research in the subject are
    amazing. I'm yet to read this book but I've read his Pallavar
    varalaru. Awesome research ! This is meant for serious readers.

    * The Chola temples (Eng) - by Archaeological survey of India

    Simple yet elusive details on 3 main temples of chola times that
    survive till date.

    * Pazhuvoor Pudhaiyalgal (Tamil) - by Dr.R.Kalai kovan - Saiva
    siddhantha noorpadhipu kazhagam.

    Son of Dr.M.Rajamanickanar, Dr.R.Kalai kovan is one of the leading
    archaeologists currently in tamil nadu. His work on Pazhuvoor and its
    kings are absolutely wonderful.

    That reminds me of something else. (Sorry for the deviation)
    Dr.R.Kalai kovan is having a small organization under his umbrella -
    called Dr.M.Rajamanickanar Institute of Hoistoric research. It's
    essentially a group of people interested in archaeology and who do
    excavations in co-ordination with Archaeological Survey of India.
    Frequently, this group's name will be apprearing in papers like
    If any of you are interested in participating in live archaelogical
    digs involving chola times - you should join this group. It is in
    Trichy. I've been trying to locate this group's address for some
    time - shall be very grateful if one of you can identify this for the
    benifit of all !

    * Recent books by Kudavail S.Balasubramaniam

    This scholar has written wonderful books about cholas (Sorry, I don't
    have the titles now). He was working in Saraswathi Mahal library.
    Some of his recent finds are stunning.
    (For ex. how many of you know that Tanjore temple gopuram was fully
    plated with gold at the time of Rajaraja ? )
    I think he has come out with some latest books and there was some
    mention about his works recently in The Hindu.

    * There are also many other detailed books like "Rajarajeswaram",
    Chozhar valartha kalaigal" etc. etc.

    Unfortulnately many of them are not available widely and sleeping in
    some dark corner in university libraries. We should think about doing
    something about it.

    I also have references to many other historic titles - covering not
    just cholas but pallavas and pandiyas as well. If the group is
    interested I shall share them with pleasure.

    Thanks for the time.

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