Query - Aditya's age at the time of his death
  • Hi Shanker,
    Your mail reg aditya's age (given below).
    Is there any historic evidence to prove that Aditya's age was 24
    at the time of his death ? I've read elsewhere that Aditya was just
    12 when he entered sevur battlefield ??
    Also, I don't know what is the historic evidence for claiming that
    PS events happended 6 years after sevur battle ?
    I quickly browsed through TV Sadhasiva Pandaratha's authoritative
    resource (Book "History of Later cholas") but could not find any
    references to his age.
    Your explanations are welcome. I'll try to go through other
    resources in the meanwhile....

    By the way, are you all noticing that the no of group members is
    steadily on the increase ?

    Warm regards...

    hi prathiba ,

    adhithya died at age of 24 coz arul mozhi was 4 yrs
    younger than adhithya ...if adithya's age was 18 ...then arul
    mozhi's age will be 14 ,which is not at all acceptable .


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