An interesting book for all of you
  • Hi all,
    I'd like to introduce an interesting book to all of you.
    "Kalkiyin Varalatru Naavalgal" by Dr.Poovannan.

    This is the doctoral thesis of Dr.Poovannan who was a professor in Vaishnav college, chennai. It's been published by Vanathi.
    The book gives very very detailed and interesting insights into the mind of Kalki and how PS and other novels were developed in his mind. He also places historic facts against fiction created by kalki and debades in detail.
    For example, he says there is no historic base for assuming Vandhiyathevan as someone belonging to Vaanar kulam. He gives many arguments for and against this and concludes that this is purely Kalki's conception of Vallavarayan vandhiyathevan.
    The book also presents interesting details about Aditya's murder and how Kalki has presented this in PS.
    To me, it is a must buy for all PS fans.
    This experience also compells me to make another suggestion : We should get in touch with people who have done similar research on PS and possibly bring out the same for the benifit of the group.
    Our group is small and quite less active compared to others. So, all of us have to keep this in our mind in some corner and utilize our contacts to make this possible in the near future.

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