Sumeetha & Pavitra's translations
  • Hi,
    Initially I didn't read sumeeta's translations in the first place - may be because I'd already read the original work several times.
    But my wife, who is not very comfortable reading tamil - had the pleasure of reading all the 13 chapters posted in I'd narrated the story to her earlier - but obviously I skipped lot of details and just briefed the story.Now, after reading the translation - she is very well able to feel the depth of this classic.
    (This is just to illustrate how PS is able to touch people who cannot read tamil at ease.)
    After her excitement - I went through the site and was pleasently surprised by the way Sumeetha had begun the story : Introducing everything to the readers before actually beginning the first chapter, providing specific details on glossery etc.
    The language is also excellent.
    Now I feel like reading the whole of PS in english - in the words of Sumeetha !.
    To me, Sumeetha's work is very very important and deserves lot of kudos and encouragement !
    This work demands lot of patience /dedicated work and has long standing implications.
    I've seen pavitra's translations of SS earlier (I searched for what makes up a 'Jamam' in Yahoo and was lead into her site...Surprise ! She had included this in her glossery !) and they are equally impressive.

    One small suggestion to both of you : Can you please have a common glossery page and accumulate words - instead of having glossery on each chapter ? Apart from helping the translation, this itself can becoming a source of historic knowledge - in due course of time ! (like how I learnt about Jamam!)

    Sumeetha : I share your interests in atlantis and egyptology but I'm even more obsessed with something that was so close to our land once upon a time : The great Kumari kandam which was there in sanga period but which is now below the sea waters ! This is not the place to write the details about it - so I reserve it for now.

    I pray that these two works are not discouraged mid-way and get completed in due course of time ! May the soul of great writer Kalki be with them !

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