Suggestions from a new member
  • Hi,
    My name is Gokul and I'm a new member to this group.
    Very happy to note that this community is bringing people with similar interests together - my thanks to the creator/moderator.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed PS like many of you and I'd like to share my views too. But in this mail, I want to make some suggestions for the group as a whole.(I'll be sending another mail titled "Veera pandiyan may NOT be Nandhini's father" to carry on the discussions from where Sumeetha/Pavitra left)

    * There should be some housekeeping activity to delete all unwanted mails (Ex Friendship Day wishes etc.). I hope moderator or one of us can do this. I had to go through roughly 185 mails for nearly 2 hrs to find those interesting gems amidst all others. In course of time, this will become a menace, if not maintained periodically.

    * As one member has pointed out, Please keep personal discussions out of the group.

    * We need to discuss a lot more about the historical facts (like those mails from Lavanya) apart from discussing PS characters etc.

    * Members need to sit down and spend time to think and write detailed mails/articles about subjects related to PS. I notice that there are very few mails with indepth thoughts on PS. I'm sure each one of us have many interesting things to say - the only thing is we don't
    find time/patience (?) to do this.

    Apart from this simple suggestions, I also have some "good to have" stuff :

    * Apart from personal chats, we can invite some scholars who can give us useful insights on PS and Kalki - for a chat.
    Persons who come to my mind are :

    - Thiru Kalki Rajendran (Son of Kalki) / Mrs. Anandi (Daughter of Kalki)

    - Dr.Poovannan (who has done doctoral research on Kalki's historic novels)

    - Dr.R.Kalaikovan (Director, M.Rajamanickanar Institute of historic reseach, Trichy / Son of Noted historian M.Rajamanickanar)

    ...members can add many more to this list ....

    Problem is this requires certain co-ordination efforts and contacts as well. If not for a chat, we can prepare a list of questions, get answers from them and publish them on the website. I'm sure these scholars will well recognise our efforts, if approached.

    * We can organise some collective tours on places featured in PS ! A Lofty dream ! This requires lot of co-ordination effort etc. but let us keep it on the agenda:-)

    * Persons who have visited such places can give us detailed insights on their experience. For ex. the member who has visited Pazhaiyarai can share his experiences.

    I'm very happy to note that the members are getting to know each other better through tel calls/personal visits etc. and I also look forward for to same. I'm currently living in singapore and if any of you are living here /passing by do drop me a line.

    Please read my other mail - "Veera pandiyan MAY NOT be Nandhini's father"
  • hi gokul,
    Welcome to the group. Thanks for your suggestions. I think they are worth trying out. I particularly like the tour idea. Ram what do you say? How about a tour to Tanjavur? Since you have stayed there you are the best person to plan this out.
    Anyway I think we should try and invite some scholars and like you suggested prepare a questionaire or something. I am sure Pav will also be interested in it because we both are translating PS and sivagamiyin sabatham. Would help to get some pointers on it?
    Anyway great to have you on board gokul. I am currently working on a article - Nandini's True Love. I am sure you will have some interesting thoughts about that.

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