Who is Nandini? - A follow up
  • Thanks everybody for all your replies. And congrats Ram for reaching
    the half-century mark in the member list. I guess we owe a lot to you
    for giving us an opportunity to discuss and talk about the greatest
    epic ever written!

    Ok now let me do some follow ups with the previous week's
    Pavithra had some very interesting insights into Nandini's

    1. "A person of Nandini's character and temperament would never
    in love with any one in a space of few days (like a wounded
    Veerapandian aftermath of the Madurai por). Assuming that she knew
    something of her parentage by then, this would amount to a
    classical "Electra complex" case study."

    Now the Electra complex angle was something, which I had not thought
    about at all. That should explain her attachment as well as her anger
    towards her father.

    2. "A person of Nandini's character and temperament would go to
    length - even to calling her father her lover - for attaining what
    she wants."

    I guess that should answer Prathiba's question.

    3. "There is one more angle - that Nandini knew Veerapandian was
    father, when he sought refuge in her house. She wanted to get back at
    him for abandoning his mother. So when Aditha Karikalan, enters the
    house, she does what she knows will anger Karikalan most - calling
    someone else her lover, so as to direct Karikalan's kolai veri at
    that person - in this case VeeraPandiyan. In a sense, Nandini took
    revenge on her father for leaving her mother destitute. Later when
    she grieves for her father, she conveniently forgets that she is the
    primary reason for his death and swears vengeance on the cholas. This
    school of thought is advocated by the section that view Nandini as an
    unstable, vicious sociopath - an evil villi character who just wants
    to wreck mayhem on the people around her."

    This is also quite possible but we can only surmise that she wanted
    to be a part of something that is important and royal though she was
    responsible for Veerapandiyan's death. It can also be a deep
    to be a part of something important and dangerous. Like she sees
    herself as a heroine liberating, avenging and taking up
    responsibilities for an entire kingdom. Was Nandini unstable? I
    frankly do not know. She seems to be quite in control of her emotions
    and actions. The only times we see the struggle within her is when
    she is with Vandiya Devan. But to me personally she is one of the
    most beautiful and yet complex character created in literature.

    "The case for Nandini being Veera Pandiyan's lover is weak.
    Abathudavi's claim that Veerapandian made Nandini his patta magishi
    before he died. This could be explained as Veerapandian, recognizing
    here as his progeny (the Mandagini - Nandini resemblance would have
    told him). Thinking of a way to include her in the Pandiyan lineage,
    he would have proclaimed her as the patta magishi. He was a desperate
    man looking forward for the continuing confrontation against the
    cholas after his time. He doesn't know whether his official heirs
    have survived (like the kuzhandai vandiyathevan meets). So he makes
    Nandini legitimate and loyal to the Pandiyan cause."

    Here I would like to add I.M lakshmi's views as well –
    Veerapandiyan escaped from Porkallam and met Nandhini he would have
    mistaken Nandhini for Mandhahini. So he may have said something to
    Nandhini as if he said it to Mandhahini.This may be the reason for
    Veerapandian claiming nandhini as his Pattamahishi.Nandhini would
    have worked out the truth from what he said."

    But Lakshmi I don't agree with you. There no way that
    Veerapandiyan -
    no matter how injured he is could mistake Nandini to be Mandakini.
    The first reason being the age factor and the second being the fact
    that Nandini is not handicapped unlike her mother. So there are
    chances that he must have recognized her as his daughter.

    In the end Pavithra asked me a question –

    "Is Nandhini really a villi...or is she merely a victim of

    I agree with the latter part of her question. Nandini is undoubtedly
    a victim of circumstances whose life has been manipulated by many
    people. If you remember in the fourth part of the novel Kalki himself
    devotes an entire chapter trying to unravel the turmoil of her heart
    where he compares her life with her mother's and describes how
    Mandakini had only the wild animals to deal with in her life in
    jungle where as her daughter had to suffer a lot being brought up
    amidst people.

    Hope that answers your question Pavithra!

    Guys if you have any other thoughts or points to pen down please do
    so. I will round them all up in another follow up.

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