• Dear Ram,

    As a personal advice - let me tell you this - If our interest is in
    spreading this novel to many people then an eVersion of this book is a
    MUST, So please don't wait for the poll results or the people to respond to
    you by email - our vision should be beyond this group - the tamil
    eCommunity today and tomorrow.

    As Mr. N Seshadri has put it correctly - share the work with five or six
    volunteers and each one can take a baagam and start typing. Once it is
    finished, we can publish it as a serial / as an eBook downloadable from
    this site, This way we will also get time for pictures,

    Scanning them is a HUGE task I agree, But if it is done - it will be
    preserved for the future, already I am seeing less number of bound volumes
    of PS with maniam / ma. se. pictures :-( Padmavaasan did good in the latest
    version that came in Kalki recently - even that can be archived. (I hear
    Padmavasan draws in his PC directly - if somebody can contact him, may be we
    will get a puthaiyal without much efforts :-)

    Hope this helps,

    EndRum Anbudan,

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