Formation of FOCUS TEAMS
  • Guys, I think we should form focus teams within the group to
    undertake various activities. As a beginning, I've created Varalaru
    focus team to do the project of bringing varalaru online. i've taken
    the liberty of adding Kamal and Ram to the project - I'd've added
    more names, but I don't want to see myself interfering with your
    I'll be happy to see all other active members (who can spare some
    time for this) join this noble activity and thereby contribute to the
    tamil society at large.
    Nandri / Vanakkangaludan...
  • Dear Friends,

    What Gokul seeded on 16.4.2003 has subsequently got developed into a web-magazine in !

    Likewise - we can spread into Literature and other aspects too.

    We can concentrate on Classical Literature & Bakthi Literature.

    Request Vairam / Venkatesan kasirajan to contribute more on Classical.

    Request members - including Ravi - Thiruppugazh specialist & Gandhi to contribute on Saivism.

    Will be pleased if Gokul / Viswaksenan can find time to write a week on Vaishnavism Literature in detail.

    best regards / sps

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