Photos of loosu poonguzhali
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    Sneak preview the all-new It's not radically different. Just radically better.
  • man, that's great! how did you do it?
  • Hi Dhiwakar,

    That was an amazing work.
  • wonderful!
  • That was wonderful artwork, no doubt. Thank you.

    But folks who replied, could you please remove the images when you do the
    reply pl. It takes a long time to load the mail and is disruptive to read
    the threads, not to mention the network overheads and limited mailbox space
    (not gmail! ;) that many people still have.

    In general, it makes it easier to read mails, when we remove the unwanted
    cruft out of the mails, while replying.

    Hope you take the suggestion in the right spirit!
  • > Diwakar, after a long time ..

    After a long silence again the group "gala
    galakudhu". Can we expect 100 mails a day?

    Anyway those pictures were very nice.
  • Dear Diwaa
    breaking your silence after marraige excellent pictures capturing the spirit of a care free girl like Poonguzhali....what is the source looks like a melnaattu poonguzhali
  • Great Natarajan
    well done
  • Clever manipulation! ;)
    Good to know Poonguzhali used to wear "Frocks" ;)
  • aiyooooooo! /me pulls his hair and runs out...

    people, pl. remove the images when you reply....

    moderator : I think my earlier mail regarding this didn't get delivered...
    could you pl. let others know.

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