Ponniyin Selvan published with Original Pictures of Maniam

Good news for the Ponniyin Selvan novel lovers who wants to read the novel along with the original pictures of Mainam Selvan. Vikatan will be publishing the book with hard binding and will be releasing it on Jan 2012.

Update (12/1/2012). Members have bought and commented about the book.

Update (19/12/2011). Now you can order using Debit/Credit/Net Banking & Paypal. Please visit to order now !

Update – 15/1/2012

Vikatan’s Ponniyin Selvan from Book Fair

The actual cost is Rs. 1354, but if you reserve now, the introductory price will be only Rs.999.

One of our members Mr. Venkateswaran confirmed the following details

  • Every chapter has paintings
  • Paper – same as they use in other books. So it is not art quality paper. Just news print quality paper.
  • We can send Rs. 500/- or Rs. 999/- now. Book will be released in 1 week of January. Chennai residents can go to their office and pick up their copy after the book is released.

And Thiru Maniam’s Grand daughter also confirmed the antiquity

Definitely I know that all the illustrations are being published as it came in the very first time in Kalki magazine by artist maniam in 1950′s.

It will also have an antique feel that is unique to the book.

DD or Money Order to be sent to. You can also send DD through online banking if provided, you can send an email after sent to confirm the receipt of the DD.

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Chennai 600002

Phone  : 044 42634283 & 84  Mobile : 95000 68144

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  • SUJA

    has anybody got the book…..I’ve ordered it….but has’nt got it still……..

    • thiru

      One of the members went and collected the book from Mount Road Vikatan office, not sure whether he went on his own or got message from them. I ordered 2 and yet to get any notification.

  • ramu

    hi, they are calling people in first booked first called basis. as of two days before they completed issuing to those booked upto december 10. i booked on december 24. hence they will call in 4 or 5 days. if not, a person from the vikatan stall in book fair told me to go and collect after 20th jan, whether i get call or not. so 20th jan is the deadline after that you don’t need to wait. just go and collect.

  • Dhipak

    I called up their office…. The person said that for those outside Chennai, the books will be shipped only after the book fair gets over 🙁
    Can someone who has got the book by now, give us a review about this new edition?

    • thiru

      Please check this link for the review of the book, this was updated in the post as well.

  • Dhipak

    Thanks. Thats really so nice. Looking forward to my copy. Donno when they will contact ppl outside chennai….

    • thiru

      Peek of the Book from Book Fair

      Still waiting to hear from Vikatan on my orders

      • Dhipak

        Just call up their office…. They’ll give u further details….

  • padma

    it s awesome….tks to vikatan

  • jayashree

    Hi does any body has a link for a book named phycho saranathan. It was a story published in kalki.

  • Kaushik

    Is ponniyin selvan available in tirunelveli or thru any online shopping site

  • Renuka R

    req. to Vikatan: Kindly release ebook version of this great book with images.

    • Rekha

      Have u got any message about the ebook version of this book ??

  • jay

    Have they omitted illustrations or is it complete?